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Improving Our Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

a dentist and a patient

A smile is a key to one’s success. Our smile gives us the opportunity to make new acquaintances. And when a stranger feels welcomed with our presence, business deals can be possible. For your information, the business world today prioritizes people with excellent interpersonal skills than intelligence. We have come to the era where productivity relies heavily on machines. But no matter how advanced a machine is, nothing can replace the appeal of a person’s negotiation skill.

When we discuss interpersonal skills, the worst misconception is that we can depend solely on our personality, while in reality, we cannot have confidence without a proper look. And regarding our smile, not all people are born with symmetrical dental structure and can maintain a radiant tooth color.

The Improper Conditions

dental plaque after treatment

Before we jump into the treatments, we should learn the conditions that make a smile unappealing. First, the most typical one is teeth discoloration. White teeth are always preferable because they represent the ideal tone of oral hygiene. Our mouth is an ecosystem of microbes. In some points, one bacteria overgrow the others, and the state disrupts the bio balance of the mouth. Consequently, the thriving bacteria form biofilms that cover our teeth. Regular flossing, brushing, and dental scaling can remove those biofilms. But once those biofilms get hardened, they turn into plaques.

You cannot remove a plaque with flossing. You need a dentist to do the job. And if you do not treat plaques immediately, they can turn into black deposits called tartar. In the long term, plaques and tartar can cause permanent tooth discoloration.

Second, a person’s gene strongly affects his/her dental structure. If your parents have crooked teeth, you are most likely to inherit the condition.

Third, accidents can damage the teeth too. A hard impact on a tooth may chip or remove it altogether. A person may be born with perfect and healthy teeth, but because of an injury, he/she can end up with a broken tooth.

The Treatments

a perfect smileCosmetic dentistry can handle tooth discoloration, dental misalignment (malocclusion), and damaged teeth. But for mild issues, do-it-yourself treatments are also possible. For instance, teeth whitening no longer requires you to visit a dentist. Modern means like whitening toothpaste, activated charcoal powder, and whitening kit facilitate us to whiten our teeth at home.

However, if you overuse those whitening products, you can suffer from sensitive teeth. The discoloration appears because biofilms are covering the tooth’s natural color. Whitening products are meant to remove those films. But if done too much, the products can also erode the tooth’s healthy tissue.

Before you take any actions, you have to make sure that you get a proper consultation with a capable dentist. For example, gold coast cosmetic dentist offers a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services. Their sites also have brief explanations of each procedure. It shows their commitment to keeping their patients well-informed.

End Notes

teeth whitening resultThe way we smile affect our well-being as a person. If we can afford an improvement, doing it as soon as possible is advisable. However, some treatments may be costly. Preparing the budget in advance might be necessary.